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Patrick Trinh


Independent game designer looking to create unique, focused play experiences through sharp mechanic design and holistic approach to systems design.


M.S, Games + Playable Media, UC Santa Cruz                    Projected Graduation September 2015

B.S, Cognitive Science with specialization in Human-Computer Interaction, UC San Diego     Graduated June 2012

Projects and Experience

April 2013-January 2014 -- Four//Four


Abstract rhythm game released on web. Utilized Unity3D and C#, as well as third party tools 2D Toolkit and PoolManager. Developed engine used for keeping entire game in sync. Scripted level designs to correspond with music. Responsible for entire development of game.


March 2013-May 2013 -- Ad Infinitum³

Sound/Game Designer

Large-scale multiplayer video game and theater piece developed with Andy Muehlhausen performed at Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego. Used HTML5 pages broadcast over local network, allowing up to 50 users to play on 8x4 monitor array. Performed music and scripted events as users were playing. Responsible for soundtrack, avatar sounds, and some game design involving the stages of the play experience.


October 2012-March 2013 -- Sony Computer Entertainment of America

Quality Test Analyst

Worked as part of the FPQA team at SCEA San Diego. Used bug database software Devtrack to track and communicate about bugs in first party Playstation titles. Leveraged game design skills to find and diagnose various bugs.


June 2012-December 2012 -- Eternities


Cinematic action game synchronized to self-created music released on web. Leveraged Actionscript 3 and Flixel technologies. Scripted various aspects of game including action sequences and background graphics to synchronize with music. Responsible for entire development of game.


October 2010-December 2010 -- Singularity


First-person video game and spoken word piece developed with Kris Calabio. Utilized the Hammer Editor to create minimal first-person level. Had player walk through the level while reading text displayed on walls. Performed musical piece designed to accompany experience. Responsible for level design and soundtrack composition.


C#, Actionscript 3, Unity3D, Flixel, Hammer Editor, Ableton Studio, FMOD Studio, LittleSoundDJ